About Us

In 1950, Lionel Purcell, then a Real Estate Agent, purchased a farm in north Scarborough. In 1956 Lionel Purcell married his wife Rita White, employed at a real estate office in downtown Toronto. Together they began managing Lionel’s Farm.

In 1981 they bought and moved to their current location. Now into their 60th wedding year their farm continues to be a labour of love. With the help and dedication of their 4 children; Carrie, Mark, Blair and Holly (Mike) and two grandchildren; Blake and Kathryn; it has expanded into a more diversified family owned and operated business. Based on a love for farm animals, Lionel’s Farm continues to bring joy and happiness to many an age group. We take great pride and pleasure in making your visit and dealings with Our Farm memorable and lasting.   SEE OUR HISTORY SECTION FOR MORE DETAILS.