What food can we bring for the animals?

Food must be store bought. We have specific recommendations for the type of food which can be fed to our animals. Bring only:  romaine lettuce. No other food allowed, because the farm animal’s diet is balanced for their health and safety.  Please visit the ‘Petting Farm‘ page for more information about Food You Are Allowed To Feed Animals.

When are you open?

In the Summer Months we are open May 7, 2020 to September 30, 2020. Monday to Friday: 10 am to 4 pm.  Saturday and Sunday: 9 am to 4 pm. See the Hours of Operation page.

Who can visit?

We welcome visitors from Markham, Unionville and surrounding area.  All people who want to have a positive animal experience and have a chance to get up close and feed farm animals.  Our frequent visitors are families with children, school children and seniors.

Can I bring my dog?

Your dog sadly cannot visit.  The farm has three friendly dogs.  Some of our farm animals are not comfortable with new dogs.  Service animals are of course allowed.

When are the pony rides?

Every weekend + Holiday Monday*, 11am-4pm. Weekdays  (July +August ONLY), Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday, 10am-1pm. *Weather depending*

Can I book a birthday party?

Yes.  Please call or e-mail lionels@lionelsfarm.com

Where are the washrooms?

We have a portable toilets on the property.

Where is parking?

We have parking on the south and  the North West side of the farm driveway.  For your safety, please do not park on the side of McCowan Rd.  We have plenty of parking!

Can we come for a picnic?

Our facilities are not designed as a location where people can eat a meal in the petting farm area.  This is for your health and safety.

What kind of footwear is recommended?

Open toed sandals are not recommended in the Pony Ride area.  No bare feet on the grounds.

When should I wash my hands at the farm?

Always wash your hands after visiting with the animals.  Wash your hands before eating or drinking. Practice good hand hygiene; see our ‘Visiting Animals Safety‘ page.

Can I bring food for me or my family to eat at the farm?

Designated eating areas are provided for birthday parties and group planned events.  Food or drink is discouraged in the petting farm areas.  Hand-to-mouth activities is discouraged while in animal areas (water bottles, eating, drinking) These tips are for you and your family’s safety.  Please read the ‘Visiting Animal Safety‘ page for more information.

How do I order the Private Pony Ride Package?

Order online here.  This activity must be pre-registered.  All visitors to the farm must complete the online form.

Can I just show up at the farm to ride the ponies?

We cannot accept visitors without pre-registration. All activities must be reserved using the online form before coming to the farm.

What other activities can I do at the farm?

Only the Pony Ride Package is available right now.

How can I pay for the Private Pony Ride Package?

At this time we are accepting e-transfer payments.

How will I know what time I can come to the farm?

Arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment. If your time is 10-1030 you come for 9:50.  You will receive a confirmation message once your payment has been received at the farm.

Can we pet the animals?

At this time, the area of the petting farm is not open like it was last year.  It is not permitted to walk around the farm freely. The pony rides are in a designated area. We will have animals on display in the pony ride area which you can pet.

Can we feed the sheep and goats?

Outside food is not allowed which includes snacks for people, or food for the ponies or other animals at the farm.

What is the maximum weight for the pony rider?

65 lbs or 29 Kilograms

I don’t want a pony ride, can I just come and see the animals?

Not at this time. The only activity currently on the farm is the Pony Ride Package.

How long is the actual pony ride?

Your time at the farm is 30 minutes. The pony ride is in a separate designated area with a small variety of animals to see. You could do a 15-minute pony ride and 15 minutes to visit with the animals.

Is there a minimum age for a pony rider?

There is no minimum age.  Parents can walk alongside the pony to keep the little riders in place.

Do the 5 people that attend have to be from the same household?

As our farm is not considered an essential service, a social gathering of no more than 5 people is permitted. Outdoor spaces and activities where physical distancing can be maintained is allowed for individual and members of same household.

Is the Private Pony Ride Package price per person or per group?

The Private Pony Package is per group of 5 which includes the accompanying adults.

How far in advance can we order the Private Pony Ride Package?

You may make your reservation as far in advance as you would like.

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