Movie and TV

Operating Date: All Year

Film and television industry professionals, show and event organizers can contact our office directly by phone or email to schedule props, vehicles and farm animals.

At Lionels we hold an extensive collection of over 125 Antique Horse Drawn Carriages, Buggies, Sleighs, as well as hundreds of period Props and Farming Implements that date back as far as the 1800’s.

Lionels can also provide Horses, Ponies, an array of Farm Animals, Birds and Poultry. These are all available for Commercials, T.V. and Film productions, Store displays, Trade Shows or Promotions in the GTA.

We have provided our service to such shows as; Anne Of Green Gables; Road To Avonlea, Reign, Crimson Peaks and the now popular Murdoch Mysteries and many more.

Whether it is a Horse Drawn Carriage(Vehicle), Horses, Ponies, Farm Animals or Period Props you may desire we at Lionels have many years of extensive and professional experience.

We are completely mobile and will always deliver quality on time service.

Please view the image gallery of our Vehicles and props.

For more information Please feel free to contact us.

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