School Tours

Operating Date: School Season

By Appointment Only. Reservations must be made by phone or email before arrival.

For a natured filled and unforgettable tour at Lionel’s Farm

Activity Includes:

  • Tractor-drawn wagon rides where the kids can enjoy a scenic journey around the farm, smell the spring blossoms and see the beautiful fall colours.
  • Pony rides are given by qualified farm personnel.
  • The petting farm has over 75 animals to see and includes one bag of animal food for each child.
  • The indoor play area is equipped with a small rock climbing wall, slides, sand pit, basketball net, small bikes, trikes, peddle cars, and various balls and toys.
  • The covered eating area has picnic tables where you can enjoy your own snacks or lunch.
  • You can bring your own litterless snacks or lunch and reusable water bottles.
  • Hand wash station, hand sanitizers and portable washrooms on site.

School Tour Pricing:

 28 children or more

  • $9.00 (includes HST) per child
  • 6 adults free of charge
  • $7.00 (includes HST) per adult for 7 or more

27 children or less

  • 27 children or less the base cost is $250 (includes HST)
  • 6 adults free of charge
  • $7.00 (includes HST) per adult for 7 or more

 Additional Information:

  • Our farm programme is structured for children ages 3-6 years
  • No online booking available, please email or call the office at 905-640-7669